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At Peak Machine Shop, we have the expertise and technology to manufacture custom CNC machined parts in a wide variety dimensions and materials, from large work bench to extreme precision machining yield tolerances of +/- .0002". Our multi-axis capabilities allow us to bring these tolerances to oddly angled parts and sub-assemblies.

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We have a professional team including machinist, mechanical engineers and professional manufacturing workshop with all fashions of CNC machines. The SMART INTERNAL ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ensures we deliver on time and to spec. We work with a very diverse range of materials, including metals and alloys of all grades and temper. 

We provide our customers with the best consumable product at the lowest price and fastest speed. Go to Upload Files page and upload all your design document either on Prototype or Production. After we get your requirement, we will contact you and give you a quote as soon as possible. From Prototype to Production, customer satisfaction is guaranteed! 

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